December 31, 2009

Quick question

I have a question about baby detergents. I have chosen to just use a detergent the whole house can use that is free and clear of dyes and perfumes. A much cheaper route becasue some of the baby detergents on the market now are entirely too expensive. I am just wondering what are you all doing or have done with your children.


35 Weeks, 3 Days

I am just patiently waiting on the arrival of my two beautifual babies. It can happen any day now. Everyday I have thoughts of things I don't have or will I be ready. Thank goodness for the internet I have done so much shopping in the past few days thinking of things that I don't have or don't have enough of.

My symptoms...I am so tired, but you probably knew that already. Now I am having muscle strain in my thighs. The pain is in my groin and in the back of my thighs. It makes it hard at night to sleep. When I get up or get down this pain is horrible. My DH wants me to call the doctor but I am trying to explain to my DH that this pain is from the added weight in my uterus. The only thing they will tell me to do is rest. Another pain I get is this painful full sensation when I have to pee. but once I go I feel a lot better. I attribute this to the lack of space in my body to accomodate a full bladder. I am going to the bathroom every 1-2 hours. and when I push it to that 2 hour mark that is when it hurts the most.

Other than that I am good. I am over the flu! I still have a little congestion but for those who know me, know that is quite normal for me with all my allergies. But I feel better.

For New Years Eve, my DH, BFF and her boyfriend are going to have dinner. Hopefully after dinner we can come back home and play cards. But I think my bestie and her man want to go out. If so me and my husband will watch the ball drop together. Regardless it will be a good night. I wish everyone a happy and safe New Years!

December 23, 2009

December 19, 2009


I went to the hospital today because I was having flu like symptoms & pelvic pressure. My ob was concerned about the pelvic pressue. The babies were monitored for a while & they are good. I am showing that I am having contractions but no major ones. My cervix is still closed. I had a fever & they agreed that I was showing the beginning signs of flu. They do not test for H1N1 because they said they treat it the same as the regular flu. So I am on Tamaflu & tylenol. Please pray I have a speedy recovery & the babies will be fine.

December 17, 2009

2 more days!

I am up bright and early to start the last of my 2 days of work. I think I have made it far enough and it is now time for me to rest before Bryon and Taylor make their debut. I am 33 weeks & thankful I made it this far. Financially it would have been hard if I was put on bed rest. I go to the doctor on the 23. At that time I will have him put me on official bedrest.

December 13, 2009

Baby Shower Pics

Week 32 Pics

Video update

long overdue. But here it is nonetheless. Its a two parter!

December 5, 2009

Update coming soon

I just wanted to say I will update soon either via video or a post on here. I did go to the OB Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Everything is good. I am just busy wrapping up my last two weeks of grad school. So I have not been able to sit down and do a video. But just to let you know I am doing good and all is well with the babies.

November 21, 2009

TMI Alert

I thought that when you are preggo you usually have ptoblems with constipation. Well not this preggo momma. I can't stop pooping! That is why I am up now. I am pooping 3 to 5 times a day! I don't know what is worse constipation or pooping all day long!

I need to call the doctor because I need to know if I can take anything for it. Let me know if you guys have experienced my problem too.

November 20, 2009

November 15, 2009

November 12, 2009

Quick Update

I plan to do a video update tomorrow. I have been so tired when I get home from work. Today I had parent teacher conferences and I am about to hit the sack. But I had a doctors appointment yesterday and all is well. The best part is I do NOT have gestational diabetes. So check back tomorrow for a more detailed update.

October 30, 2009

I'm measuring what??

So I have been feeling a lot of pressure lately.  A week ago I got the ultrasound that showed my cervix and babies were all doing good.  But I still am having a lot of pressure along with Braxton Hicks.  Well from the advice of several I called the OB back.  So I went back in yesterday.  They checked me out and all is good.  But what they did do is measure my uterus.  I learned that I am already measuring full term for a singleton.  That explains all the pressure I am having.  So that makes sense.  They suggested I get a maternity belt from  They actually wrote me a prescription because some insurance companies will cover it.  If you go to the website they one they want me to get is the one that is full coverage and has suspenders.  They believe this will help relieve some of the pressure.  So I go back in 2 weeks for glucose test and another ultrasound.  Also I am now going to the doctor every other week versus once a month now.  They are allowing me to work because my cervix should measure in the 30’s and mine is in the 40’s.  I have no swelling and my blood pressure is great.  They said continue to work but limit time on my feet.  When I get off work I am to come home put my feet up and rest.  And the good part is ….no housework!!!  My DH was there to hear that part!!!

October 27, 2009


That is how I feel. This pregnancy is a lot harder than I expected. I didn't realize it would be so hard. I love my children and i will do anything for them. But right now I feel miserable. I know that when my children are here this day will mean nothing when I get to hold my precious babies.

I am so miserable because of my comfort level. I just can't do the things that I used to and I am realizing it. I ache and am uncomfortable most of the time. I am concerned that I will be taking off work sooner than planned. But I will do it for the sake of my babies health and my health. i am going to change some things in my life to make these last weeks of pregnancy easier for me. I want to carry by babies as close to term as possible. I know this is only going to get harder and I need to make changes to make it easier for me.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I have just never experienced anything like this in my life. I am greatful and when I hold my babies this will all make sense. The good thing is I am excited about the arrival of my babies. I can't wait to meet them face to face. I can't wait to see who's eyes they have, who's nose.

I dream about my babies and how they look. It wont be long before I will be posting a blog that my babies are here. That is when the real fun begins.

October 21, 2009

Braxton Hicks

Last night I was reading in my twin pregnancy book about weeks 24-28. In this chapter there is mention of Braxton Hicks contractions. After reading about the contractions and the description, I think I am having them. For the past weeks every so often I get the feeling across my stomach and I just thought it was the babies rolling over. They never last for more than a minute or two. I am just wondering has anyone else felt these. My book says it is all normal and unless they are longer than a minute and hurt. These don't hurt and they are short. It is amazing what your body goes through during pregnancy.


October 20, 2009

October 14, 2009

Knocking on 6 months door

So I am just around the corner of 6 months in my twin pregnancy. Everything is going well for me. I have regular pregnancy symptoms and I am just rolling with the punches. I can't wait until December 18 because that will be my last day of work if I make it that far.

This week I had a little scare with my husband. He somehow got a staff infection and was deemed contagious by his doctor. So I immediately called my OB and they said as long as he wears pants to bed we were ok since it was only on his leg. Well to be safe he slept on the couch for 2 days. As of now the infection has cleared up & he is better.

I will be posting a video update in the coming days. Until then....

October 3, 2009

Baby Kicks

Or should I say babies kicks! Today laying on the bed I felt my very active babies kicking away. So I lifted my shirt & to my surprise I could see their little kicks on my stomach. I yelled for DH to come see too. He was so amazed. So then he began to give me zerberts on my belly & they kicked & kicked. I thought this was amazing.

Also just to let you know I picked my mom up Thursday from the hospital & she is home! Thanks for your prayers.

September 29, 2009

Registry and my mother

This past weekend I completed my registry. It was so fun looking for things and when I got done, I realized how much we need for 2 babies. Thank God for friends and family. If it wasn't for them, I don't know what we would do.

Yesterday, my mother went to the hospital. She was short of breath and my Dad did not want to chance it and called 911. So of course she was admitted. She is doing better today. Thank God. Hopefully she will be out in a few days.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

September 23, 2009

Putting on my shoes

Well I discovered today that I can barely reach my feet!!! LOL. This morning I decided to wear my gym shoes to work. Sometimes I am on my feet a good part of the day since I teach. I had been wearing crocs so I just slipped my feet in my shoes. So today I struggled tying my shoes. Since I leave so early my hubby is sleep and I didn't want to wake him. But I managed. So today I noticed my shoe came untied. Do you know my sweet students helped me out and tied my shoe. He even tied it in a double knot so it would not come undone! I love my students!

I also noticed this morning it is taking me longer to get ready in the morning. I get so short of breath in the morning.

Well until next time....

September 22, 2009

Ultrasound pics

Here are the pics that I got on my 20 week ultrasound.

This is Taylor's face.

This pic is of Bryon's face. His face is towards the bottom and the other white part in the pic is Taylor's stomach.

Aren't my baby's cute?

September 19, 2009

September 16, 2009

September 12, 2009

Getting Calcium

Getting enough calcium during my pregnancy is probably the hardest thing for me to do. So I wanted to share a recipe for a smoothy that I make. I love the smoothie and it helps me get calcium and fruit.

You will need:

1 cup of milk
1/2 cup any fruit juice
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
2 cups frozen strawberries
1 banana

Mix all the ingredients together untill smooth and enjoy. I prepare it at night and have one at night and save the left overs for the morning.

Everything else is going well. Just can't wait till we get to see our little ones and learn the sex.

Untill next time...

September 10, 2009

19 Weeks

Here are pictures I took on Labor Day when I was exactly 19 weeks

September 4, 2009

18 weeks, 4 days update

I know it has been a while since my last video and blog update. I just haven't felt like doing a video. I go to the ob in a week and a half and I will get my ultrasound and will see the sex of my little babies. I can't wait. I will do a video update then

So I started back to work a few weeks ago. The students have been back for a week and a half. Lets just say I am exhausted. Over the summer I didn't do much so now going back to work has proven to be hard. But I will make it. I feel well but just I sleep a lot too.

I spoke with my professors at school. I will finish my master's in December, God willing. We came up with a plan if I should go on bed rest and they are so determined for me to graduate that they are willing to work with me. Thank God.

My mother is doing good. She can't wait till the ultrasound. I am taking her with me. Just think in July a doctor said we should just let her die. But instead she is going with me to see the sex of her grand babies!

So I am going to cut this short.

Oh I forgot...I am definetly feeling my babies move! I love feeling them move.

August 22, 2009

Signs of Movement

So for a couple weeks I have been feeling these little twinges in my stomach. I know the babies are moving but I didn't know if I would feel anything this early. So recently I felt this little pain in my uterus that lasted a few seconds. But it was different than the twinges I had felt before. The twinges were usually in the same spot. This time it was across my whole uterus. I didn't worry because it didn't feel like cramps but it was a very different type of feeling.

So today I decide to use my fetal heart monitor and listen to the heartbeats. Normally baby A is lower and to the left of my belly button and Baby B is up higher and to the right of my belly button. So I started on my right looking for Baby B. I could not find any signs of a heartbeat. But I didn't panic because I am not a doctor and I figured I just didn't know what I was doing.

So I move to the left to find Baby A. But I started above my belly button and I heard a heartbeat. It registered at 149-150 beats/minute. So I figured Baby A moved up a little. Well I decided to listen where I normally hear baby A and sure enough I heard the heartbeats at 150 beats/minute.

So now both babies are to the left of my belly button. A is below the button and B is above my belly button. So now I am wondering if that unusual feeling I have felt was baby B moving to the other side.

I called my husband and told him and he told me that the babies are playing in my uterus together! So cute.

August 20, 2009

16 Weeks 3 Days update

I have been away for a little bit. Last weekend I took my last road trip. My DH and a good friend and I drove to Atlanta for the weekend. I had a wonderful time. But when I got home I realized this is my last trip for a while. I was so exhausted when I got home. This will be hard for me because I am usually out of town every other month. I have a sister and friends who live 2-4 hours away and it was no big deal for me and DH to just up and leave. Well I guess not now.

This week I went into work. My first official day back is tomorrow and the first day for the students is next Wendesday. I ran into a few coworkers while I was getting myself ready and the word is out that I am pregnant. People were coming to congratualate me. I saw some of my students roaming around. I am actually looking forward to the first day of school.

The babies and I are doing fine. I use my fetal heart monitor and listen to their little heartbeats. I love listening to their heartbeats. My DH tells me to not do it so much so they can rest! In fact after I post this i will go listen real quick! I am still spotting but very light. I am not too concerned with it.

Well that is it until my next update.

August 13, 2009

Belly Shot

August 11, 2009

August 4, 2009

August 3, 2009

Allergic Reaction

This past weekend I spent it with my sister and my BFF in Cleveland. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the concert. Well While we were there my sister's friend had some oatmeal raisin cookies and I asked her to bring me some to church. I said only bring them if they DON'T have nuts.

So Sunday she hands me a baggie with the cookies in the bag. I put them in my purse to eat later. After getting home last night, I wanted a snack. Then I remembered my cookies. So after eating one, my mouth started itching. I knew right away there had to be nuts in the cookie. Let me explain, my nut allergy is severe enough that I have to carry an epipen.

So I immediately called my sis and had her call her friend to find out if they had nuts. In the meantime, I rinsed my mouth out and brushed my teeth so hard. I was gagging and trying to get rid of any nuts left in my mouth. So I felt the wheezing coming on. I knew that was the second sign that this could be getting more serious.

My sister called back and confirmed what I already knew to be true. My sister's friend apologized. She said her mother made the cookies and she didn't think to ask if there were nuts in them. My sister explained to her how serious this could be for me.

So my husband wanted me to lay down. I didn't want to because I know that some allergic reactions can happen instantly and some can take a while to hit you. So I did not want to sleep in fear of my throat swelling. He asked if I could have the epipen. I said if it is life or death for me YES give it to me. But I was trying to hold out on taking the shot. So I did use my albuterol inhaler to help me breathe.

Slowly, I felt my breathing coming back to normal and my mouth stopped itching. But my stomach felt so nauseous. So needless to say I am ok now. I will discuss this with my doctor because my concern is, if I am allergic to nuts how will that effect the babies when I eat the nuts. I am usually careful when eating baked goods but I just assumed that when I said I can't have nuts that when she gave me the cookies they did not have nuts in them.

On another note, I have a friend who is also 14 weeks pregnant and she also went through fertility treatments. She started spotting last night and will see the doctor today. Please pray for my friend as she has had one miscarriage and is fearful it is happening again. She has fought uterine cancer and PCOS. Please pray her baby is healthy and she is healthy. Thanks!

July 31, 2009

13 weeks, 4 days

My spotting is showing signs of subsiding! What a relief. Sunday night was the last night of PIO. At first I did not think the spotting was going to stop because Monday and Tuesday it seemed to be the same as before. Then Wednesday it seemed to pick up all of a sudden. But yesterday I barely noticed any spotting. So I will see how it goes today. I pray this spotting stops. I don't go back to my OB until August 10.

This weekend I am going to Cleveland with my BFF and we are going to stay with my big sis. We are celebrating my BFF's birthday by going to see John Legend and India.Arie. I can't wait. I like to travel and I know that gettin up and going is going to come to an end shortly. So I am having fun while it lasts!

Lastly, I am planning to tell my job that I am pregnant. I waited because it was none of their business to know. Since I am a teacher they have not seen me all summer. I know my principal will be happy for me but maybe a little annoyed. He has to find me a long term sub. I teach American Sign Language and finding a sub can be hard. But that is not my problem. Also I need to discuss with my principal about me being on my feet. I know while in class, I can teach from sitting. My OB is already concerned with me being on my feet when school starts back. I plan to discuss with my OB further on my next appointment. But this is the problem at the end of last school year they kicked me out of my room and gave it to a teacher with more seniority. I was told I would have to be a traveling teacher. Which means I get a cart and push my stuff around from room to room. I want to tell my principal they need to find me a room. He is really good and I am sure he will accommodate me especially if I have a letter from the OB.

July 27, 2009

Plus Size and Pregnant

What is more annoying to me than spotting is trying to find cute maternity clothes for plus size women. Let me tell you the selection sucks. Do the makers of maternity clothes think that fat people don't get pregnant? Well I got news for them...We do get pregnant.
Today I went shopping looking for some clothes. Let me explain, prior to getting pregnant I love shopping for clothes especially for deals. So I thought shopping for maternity clothes would be fun too. WRONG! After going to 3 stores I finally found a cute pair of khaki pants at Sears. And they were on sale!!!

Here are a few stores that have some plus size maternity clothes and my opinion of the clothes:

Motherhood Maternity: There is a small section for Plus Size maternity. The clothes look like old fashion maternity clothes but the fit of the pants are pretty good. Especially for us girls who got junk in the trunk! The clothes are a bit pricier but you may be able to find a deal. And the return policy sucks. You can only return for instore credit. But on the website there is a bigger selection than in the stores.

JC Penney: The clothes are more trendy in here and decent priced. However in the store they only go up to 16/xl. So if you need larger you can go on their website and order. Lucky for me I can squeeze my but into the 16s

Target: It is hit or miss there. Some of the clothes are cute but they look so cheaply made and for the price they want I usally don't find much. They do have a good selection of women's sizes. But if you can catch a sale item it may be worth it.

Old Navy: I have not bought anything from here yet. When I went to check out the clothes the prices were ok but again the clothes looked real cheap. But I have heard that the sizes run really big and they are roomy.

Sears: They have nice quality clothes and decent prices and stuff on sale!!! However some of the clothes looked like something my mother would wear. But I did find a nice pair of cargo pants there.

Burlington: Don't even waste your time.

Those are the stores I have been to. I bought a Belly Band today from Motherhood Maternity that I think will come in handy. I will see how I like it and if I do I will buy a few more.

July 26, 2009

Last day of PIO!

So today is a little symbolic for me. Today is my last day of progesterone in oil (PIO) injections. This day is symbolic to me because this symbolizes the official end of my IVF cycle. I took PIO for a few weeks longer than originally due to spotting. Both RE and OB felt I should continue on PIO until the 1st trimester.
Although I will be glad that I will not be getting stuck in the ass anymore, I am a little worried. I have been wondering will I start bleeding as result of not taking the PIO. I am trusting in the Lord to keep my babies safe.
My DH has another theory. He feels the PIO is making me spot. He thinks when I stop the PIO I will stop spotting. Does anyone have any experience with this or know if there is any relationship between PIO and spotting? I googled it and found some information.

By the way...I am 12 weeks and 6 days today!

July 24, 2009

Belly Pics

July 23, 2009

12 weeks and 3 days

Here is another pregnancy symptom I get that I did not mention in the video. I wake up in the middle of the damn night and can't get back to sleep. so here I am surfing the net till I feel tired again. I guess it is good that I am not working now so it doesn't matter that I am up in the middle of the night. I think maybe since I was too nauseous to eat dinner I will eat it now at 3am. That probably is not a good idea to eat heavy at so late/early in the night/morning. But I got a peach calling my name. Sweet dreams to everyone but for me it is insomnia time!!!

July 16, 2009

11 weeks 3 days

The above pictures were captured on 10w1d

My mother is doing well. She is doing hemodialysis and it is working well. I call her everyday and she sounds great. Recently I took my two cats to my parents house for temporary housing till I could find a place for them. Well my mother told me that her and my dad will keep the cats. They already have one. But they know how much it was tearing me up to part with my babies. They were my original babies before the twins!

As far as me...I am still spotting. This is so nerve wrecking. I went Monday to the OB. He said it was not necessary to do more u/s until 20 weeks. I was a little upset because I wanted to see them. But he says he will not see anything that will change what he thinks. So he used the Doppler and listened to the two heartbeats. He had trouble finding one because he/she was hiding underneath my fat gut! He said that baby will cause me problems (jokingly). I think he/she just likes to be snuggled up to my warm fat! So I am not scheduled to see him again till week 15. I felt it was kind of long but he did explain to me that IVF women are spoiled by their RE's since we get so much monitoring. We expect that with the OB and it just doesn't happen like that. If you are being closely monitored by the OB then either you are high risk or something is wrong.

So yesterday, the spotting picked up. Just all of a sudden in the morning and continued most of the day. TMI ALERT!!!! It was still brown but just heavier than normal. Also I passed like 3 pea size clots. SCARY! But as of this morning, there is little to no spotting. If it does not pick up I will not call the doctor. I was told if it is heavy and bright red I should be concerned. As explained to me by my RE is that the blood clot has to rid itself and it was successfully doing that. Well as it rids itself it will drain out of me hence the spotting and the small clots. Even though this was explained to me, I still don't feel comfortable spotting all the time, especially like yesterday's episode. I just keep praying that the babies are ok. My theory is the babies are taking more space and pushing the clot out. Yea babies for telling that clot where to go!

Please keep me and my family in your prayers.

June 26, 2009

8 weeks 4 days

Please say a quick prayer for me. I am experiencing spotting again. This time it was more than before. So I called the RE since I have not seen the OB yet. I am scheduled for an u/s tomorrow morning at 9:15 just to make sure everything is OK. I will keep you updated.

June 23, 2009

8 weeks 1 day

Let's just say this morning sickness is getting the best of me. It should be renamed all damn day sickness! But when my twin babies are here, it will all be worth it. I feel so bad I haven't been in the mood to do a video. Hopefully I will in a few days. So here is a list of current symptoms:

Morning Sickness: This occurs pretty much anytime but the morning. I went grocery shopping today so I can have food so I can eat small meals but more frequently.

constipation: i think that is from the PIO. i am finished with those shots in about 2 weeks. I have to take some fiber supplements to help with that.

Fatigue: I wake up around 7 with my DH then ready for my 4 hour nap at noon. When I wake up I am ready for bed!

Cramping: I do get cramps from time to time.

Spotting: i had a little scare last week after the u/s. I started to spot. It only lasted a few hours. The doctor on call said it was my cervix bleeding and caused from the vaginal u/s.

Hopefully in a few days I will be feeling better and will do a video update. Until then...

Pregnancy Diary - 1 - First Ultrasound

June 16, 2009

Part 19

My last day of work was Friday!!!! I am officially on summer vacation. Well not really I am taking classes but at least I am not at work! The negative to not being at work is the time is going by so slow. I remember when I was in my 2WW and when I had to wait to do a repeat Beta, the time just floated by. Trying to make it till tomorrow seems like an eternity. Tomorrow at 2:00 we will hear the heartbeat or heartbeats. Tomorrow just can't come fast enough. By the way, tomorrow is my 32nd birthday!!!

So my preggo seems that they are worse since not being at work daily. At work I kept little snacks in my room and would eat periodically. Well being at home I don't do I am dealing with the morning sickness. I do need to eat more often while at home. for the record, I had sugar cookies for breakfast today...they were yummy!

The OHSS has subsided!!! I am back to normal. I went to water aerobics last night and it felt great to get in the water and just jump around. I am glad that OHSS crap is over.

Other symptoms include...frequent urination, constipation and gas! The joys of pregnancy.

Well stay tuned tomorrow for video update of the first ultrasound

June 15, 2009

Vlog #16

Vlog #15

For some reason this video stops and freezes part of the way through. There is nothing wrong with your computer. Just something wrong with youtube.

June 3, 2009

Part 18

Quick update...I went to get my beta numbers today to see if they were doubling properly. Well since i can't really take off work now since it is the end of the year and we are doing exams I opted to get my test done in the afternoon. So that means I won't get the beta results till tomorrow sometime. So expect an update tomorrow. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. As always you are in my prayers....

Vlog #14

May 31, 2009

Part 17

Please sign the following petition to make Fertility treatment coverage available on all insurances. I just went through IVF and had it not been for my insurance my husband and I would not be pregnant now. I am thankful for my coverage but wish that all couples have coverage. Infertility is a disease that strikes men and women. Please click below and sign.

May 28, 2009

Part 16

I went to the doctor this morning for my Beta and urine test. I will get the Beta results this afternoon sometime. But the results of the urine test...POSITIVE. The nurses words to me were "Oh this is very POSITIVE!" Stay tuned for a video update later this evening!


May 27, 2009

Part 15

Tomorrow is the big day...Beta test and results. I am so excited because this has been the longest 2 weeks in my life. I am continuing to have faith and believe in God. Over the past few days I have been feeling so nauseous. I had a horrible Memorial day weekend. I could not do anything because I was so sick. I thought I was getting the flu. I kept taking my temperature and no fever. My IVF nurse did warn me that I probably will get nauseous during the two week wait. She explained that unless I am vomiting uncontrollably don't worry about calling. All they will tell me is that it is normal and there is nothing they can give me. So I have just been eating the saltine crackers which is helping. I also am feeling very bloated like again. It is a little bit different from when I was stimming thought. It feels like I have just had a nice ab work out. I don't know what that is about. So I will update tomorrow on youtube with my results.

May 20, 2009

Part 14

So some of you know I am a teacher. So going through this IVF process was hard in regards to having to miss work. I tried to have my appointments during my planning bells but it didn't always work like that. So when I'm out I have to write plans for a sub. Remember I teach sign language so most likely the sub is just gonna be a warm body. So I was always concerned for my students. Well my students are also concerned for me. They knew I was missing a lot of school. So now I think they are speculating what is wrong. So today aout the clear blue one nosey ass student says "are you pregnant or are you trying to get pregnant" I was shocked & just said no. I wonder what made her say that. My students are very perceptive & they know I am going through something. They saw me while I was stimming & the changes I went through. I wish I could tell my students but they will just have to wait.


May 19, 2009

Part 13

Today I am feeling really sad for some of my new online friends. Using youtube and blogger I have created bonds with several women who are going through the same experience as me. In the past two days, I learned that two of my new friends got negative results on their Beta test. I don't think I have all the words to comfort them but I am empathizing with them. After hearing their updates it made me think, how would I react if I get the same news on May 28. Am I ready to handle bad news. Right now, my thoughts have been very positive. But I put myself in these lady's shoes and can feel their pain now.

All I can do is continue to pray. I will continue to pray that I will have a successful pregnancy as well as pray for my friends who have learned they will not become mothers right now. I pray for continued strength for me and those going through their IVF cycles. I am praying that what ever the outcome for me that God will strengthen me and provide me with guidance. I believe that it is already decided by God if I will be a mother or not. But as a Christian I will continue to show faithfulness to God.

I know that regardless of the results of my Beta, it is all in God's hands.

Vlog #13

May 18, 2009

Part 12

My IVF nurse called me today with some excellent news. Of the remaining 4 eggs left to grow, all 4 eggs have grown to blastocysts! So what that means is we have 4 blasties on ice and 4 two-day embryos on ice for future use. Hopefully the 2 that were transferred will be all we need to do but it is good knowing that we have the others on ice. Also this makes me think that the two embryos that were implanted are progressing just fine. Hearing this information gives me a lot of hope. I still continue to have my faith in God.

May 16, 2009

Part 11

I have my blood pregnancy test scheduled for Thursday May 28. That is exactly 14 days past the transfer. I have noticed from watching other vlogs that some RE's do their blood test earlier than 14 days. Well my RE does it 14 days. So I will just have to be patient during this 2WW.

So what will I do during this time. I have made a list of things I will do to keep my mind off pregnancy:

build a card house
paint a water color picture
write my autobiography
crochet some socks
sew a dress

LOL...I wont do any of those things! I will probably go insane like every other woman during their 2ww. One thing I may seriously do is make some jewelry. I haven't done that in a while and I may make a few pieces. Anything to get it off my mind.

During this 2ww I am wrestling with do I POAS or not. My doctor strongly suggest waiting until 12 days past the transfer to test. So only time will tell if I will do that. One thing I do know is I will not go out and waste money on HPT. I ordered some strips a while ago and have 7 under my sink. If I do POAS, I will be using those.

Well that's all for now.

May 14, 2009

Vlog # 12

Vlog #11

Vlog #10

May 12, 2009

Part 10

We are getting closer and closer to becoming parents. I spoke with my IVF nurse today. I got some good news. Of the 18 eggs they retrieved yesterday, 15 were mature. Of those 15 mature eggs, 10 fertilized. I am so happy that we have 10 fertilized eggs. So 4 eggs were frozen and 6 were left to grow. We are scheduled for egg transfer on Thursday. Please keep us in your prayers.

May 11, 2009

Part 9

Today is the big day. Egg retrieval. My husband and I our on our way to the hospital. We are excited for today and finding out how many mature eggs we have. Continue to say prayers for us.

May 7, 2009

Part 8

So I am getting closer to the trigger shot. I am so excited about my appointment tomorrow because I believe this will be the last of my monitoring appointment and will be even closer to becoming a mom. I am trusting and believing in God that all will work out.

So since I have been on my meds, I have been psycho! I am up and down and up and down. I thank my husband for being so patient with me. The worst part of the meds is the drowsiness. I feel like I have not had sleep for days when in reality I have had more sleep now than I have ever had in my life.

Since I am so delirious and tired now I will have to end this post now and update later.

Vlog 8 and 9

May 3, 2009

Part 7

I just have to say, I love my husband. I know these past few weeks I have not been my regular self. My husband has tolerated the mood swings, the highs and the lows. He hasn't yelled at me nor gotten mad at me. He understands that what I am going through is for us both and he is dealing with it well. I just want to say...I love you babe.

Now that I have gotten that out the way, lets talk business. These meds are driving me wacko!!! I am serious. Anyone who is thinking about IVF should know the roller coaster you will be on while on these meds. They warned me but now I am really experiencing it. I am tired, I am hot, I am happy, I am sad....where does it end. I can't wait until I trigger to stop this emotional roller coaster. But in the end it will all be worth it. In nine months when I am holding my son or daughter, this roller coaster will fade away.

Yesterday was blood work only. I am responding well to the medicine and will return for an ultrasound and blood work again tomorrow. So tomorrow I get to see my follicles!!! I know they are growing because I feel them!

I will update as soon as I get some good news!

Vlog 5,6, and 7

April 27, 2009

Part 6

Tomorrow is my baseline appointment and I am nervous. I am not nervous about the appointment but I am nervous when they will give me that call to start my stims. I know that once I start my stims, then it is just around the corner that they will retrieve my eggs.

This time has gone by so fast I am just so amazed at how time flies. I went into this thinking it was going to seem like a long time but it is going by very quickly.

I was predicting to my husband that by the end of next week we will be doing egg retrieval. How nice it would be to retrieve my eggs on Mother's day. I am definitely scared about the coming days but I know God is on my side.

If you are reading this please say a prayer for me and my husband.

April 26, 2009

April 24, 2009

I'm looking for a miracle

One morning God put this song on my heart and I have just been singing it. I am believing in God for a miracle and the success of our IVF cycle.

April 17, 2009

Part 5

I am just getting done with my homework. I don't know why I am working full-time, working on a masters and going through IVF. So now it time for me to blog my thoughts....

Well I have successfully injected myself 4 times with Lupron. I hope it was successful. But I am sure that it was successful because I am feeling the side effects. So far the only effects I am feeling are night sweats and light spotting. I noticed the light spotting on after the second day of medicine. But my IVF nurse assured me that this is all normal and part of the process. I didn't ask about the night sweats but google answered that for me! I am waking up around 3-4 in the morning nice and wet! GROSS!

I stop my BC in a few days and should get my regular cycle. Then everything starts rolling from that point.

I have an appointment set for April 28 for my first ultra sound and blood work up since beginning the meds. They will determine at that time if I am ready for my stims.

For this process I am having to give up or cut back on some things. But even with out IVF i would be cutting these, caffeine and claritin. I have cut completely wine and claritin. But caffeine I am slowly trying to ween myself off. Does anyone know what the maximum amount of caffeine I can have?

April 15, 2009

Vlog #2

April 12, 2009

Part 4

Yesterday my husband and I had a really good day spending time with each other not worrying about IVF. So we ended the night by going over some friends house to play cards. My BFF was working on her daughters hair because you know black people and Easter is a really big thing.

So as her daughter was getting her hair done she asked me, "Robyn, when are you going to have a daughter?"

I chuckled, "Paris, I don't know but hopefully soon. Why?"

" Well I am ready for you to have a daughter. I want you to have twins"

All I could do is laugh because this child has no idea what my husband and I are about to undergo. And deep down inside we want twins so we can have 2 for the price of 1!

Who knows why Paris ever said that to me but I thought I would mark down she said it so when I get pregnant with twins I will let Paris know she got what she asked for.

April 10, 2009


April 9, 2009

Part 3

My husband and I just got back from a much needed vacation. This vacation was symbolic for me at least. Now that I am back I realize what is before me. I will be officially starting my IVF cycle. Well technically I have because I had to start my BC. I start my Lupron on April 14.

Today, I had my mock transfer. I was nervous because all I could think about was that damn dye test and the pain of that. The mock transfer was not as bad as the dye test. So the results of the mock transfer were good and all things are ready to go.

I am really nervous about starting this whole procedure but I know I have God on my side and everything will work out fine. I will post more once I start the Lupron!!

March 21, 2009

Part 2

It is now getting closer for us to begin this process. So this week we went to a required IVF education day. Lets just say when we were finished we had a few drinks. The information they gave us was just too much to process in the 2.5 hours they shoveled it us. I am still looking over the information feeling confused. One thing I did not realize was the amount of drugs used to create life. I guess I assumed that since it was a male factor it would be easy. Well no...the same protocol is used as if it was female factor.

So we have been cleared financially and everything is in order. Over the next few weeks I will be posting more about this quest. Yesterday I received a shit load of meds and needles and I have no clue what to do with them. And the kicker is...that's not all the meds.

In the end I know it will be all worth it. Because this time next year I will be holding our first born child.

March 4, 2009

IVF Part 1

Starting a family is very important to my husband and I. During our journey to becoming parents I have decided to share our journey for others to see. I hope that through reading my blog, another couple going through what we are experiencing, will find this blog beneficial.

First let me give a brief history of my husband and I. We have been married for 1.5 years. We knew right away that we would not wait long to have children. At least that was the plan. After a year of "trying" we looked sought out the help of doctors. Well, I sought out the help because I assumed I was the reason we were not pregnant.

After seeing my doctor, she felt from her initial examination that there was nothing wrong with me. She ordered my husband to be tested. That's when it came to light what was going on. We were not getting pregnant for reasons related to my husband. From my doctors advice we sought out a fertility specialist.

So that brings me to today. I never would have imagined I would even considering fertility options. Today we decided with the help of our doctor to pursue IVF treatments. This will be a costly endeavor for us especially during this economic downfall of our country. We will soon be starting the process for IVF.

The first step is to attend a class! I have decided to blog my experiences so that I may be help to another couple facing the similar situation.