July 31, 2009

13 weeks, 4 days

My spotting is showing signs of subsiding! What a relief. Sunday night was the last night of PIO. At first I did not think the spotting was going to stop because Monday and Tuesday it seemed to be the same as before. Then Wednesday it seemed to pick up all of a sudden. But yesterday I barely noticed any spotting. So I will see how it goes today. I pray this spotting stops. I don't go back to my OB until August 10.

This weekend I am going to Cleveland with my BFF and we are going to stay with my big sis. We are celebrating my BFF's birthday by going to see John Legend and India.Arie. I can't wait. I like to travel and I know that gettin up and going is going to come to an end shortly. So I am having fun while it lasts!

Lastly, I am planning to tell my job that I am pregnant. I waited because it was none of their business to know. Since I am a teacher they have not seen me all summer. I know my principal will be happy for me but maybe a little annoyed. He has to find me a long term sub. I teach American Sign Language and finding a sub can be hard. But that is not my problem. Also I need to discuss with my principal about me being on my feet. I know while in class, I can teach from sitting. My OB is already concerned with me being on my feet when school starts back. I plan to discuss with my OB further on my next appointment. But this is the problem at the end of last school year they kicked me out of my room and gave it to a teacher with more seniority. I was told I would have to be a traveling teacher. Which means I get a cart and push my stuff around from room to room. I want to tell my principal they need to find me a room. He is really good and I am sure he will accommodate me especially if I have a letter from the OB.

July 27, 2009

Plus Size and Pregnant

What is more annoying to me than spotting is trying to find cute maternity clothes for plus size women. Let me tell you the selection sucks. Do the makers of maternity clothes think that fat people don't get pregnant? Well I got news for them...We do get pregnant.
Today I went shopping looking for some clothes. Let me explain, prior to getting pregnant I love shopping for clothes especially for deals. So I thought shopping for maternity clothes would be fun too. WRONG! After going to 3 stores I finally found a cute pair of khaki pants at Sears. And they were on sale!!!

Here are a few stores that have some plus size maternity clothes and my opinion of the clothes:

Motherhood Maternity: There is a small section for Plus Size maternity. The clothes look like old fashion maternity clothes but the fit of the pants are pretty good. Especially for us girls who got junk in the trunk! The clothes are a bit pricier but you may be able to find a deal. And the return policy sucks. You can only return for instore credit. But on the website there is a bigger selection than in the stores.

JC Penney: The clothes are more trendy in here and decent priced. However in the store they only go up to 16/xl. So if you need larger you can go on their website and order. Lucky for me I can squeeze my but into the 16s

Target: It is hit or miss there. Some of the clothes are cute but they look so cheaply made and for the price they want I usally don't find much. They do have a good selection of women's sizes. But if you can catch a sale item it may be worth it.

Old Navy: I have not bought anything from here yet. When I went to check out the clothes the prices were ok but again the clothes looked real cheap. But I have heard that the sizes run really big and they are roomy.

Sears: They have nice quality clothes and decent prices and stuff on sale!!! However some of the clothes looked like something my mother would wear. But I did find a nice pair of cargo pants there.

Burlington: Don't even waste your time.

Those are the stores I have been to. I bought a Belly Band today from Motherhood Maternity that I think will come in handy. I will see how I like it and if I do I will buy a few more.

July 26, 2009

Last day of PIO!

So today is a little symbolic for me. Today is my last day of progesterone in oil (PIO) injections. This day is symbolic to me because this symbolizes the official end of my IVF cycle. I took PIO for a few weeks longer than originally due to spotting. Both RE and OB felt I should continue on PIO until the 1st trimester.
Although I will be glad that I will not be getting stuck in the ass anymore, I am a little worried. I have been wondering will I start bleeding as result of not taking the PIO. I am trusting in the Lord to keep my babies safe.
My DH has another theory. He feels the PIO is making me spot. He thinks when I stop the PIO I will stop spotting. Does anyone have any experience with this or know if there is any relationship between PIO and spotting? I googled it and found some information.

By the way...I am 12 weeks and 6 days today!

July 24, 2009

Belly Pics

July 23, 2009

12 weeks and 3 days

Here is another pregnancy symptom I get that I did not mention in the video. I wake up in the middle of the damn night and can't get back to sleep. so here I am surfing the net till I feel tired again. I guess it is good that I am not working now so it doesn't matter that I am up in the middle of the night. I think maybe since I was too nauseous to eat dinner I will eat it now at 3am. That probably is not a good idea to eat heavy at so late/early in the night/morning. But I got a peach calling my name. Sweet dreams to everyone but for me it is insomnia time!!!

July 16, 2009

11 weeks 3 days

The above pictures were captured on 10w1d

My mother is doing well. She is doing hemodialysis and it is working well. I call her everyday and she sounds great. Recently I took my two cats to my parents house for temporary housing till I could find a place for them. Well my mother told me that her and my dad will keep the cats. They already have one. But they know how much it was tearing me up to part with my babies. They were my original babies before the twins!

As far as me...I am still spotting. This is so nerve wrecking. I went Monday to the OB. He said it was not necessary to do more u/s until 20 weeks. I was a little upset because I wanted to see them. But he says he will not see anything that will change what he thinks. So he used the Doppler and listened to the two heartbeats. He had trouble finding one because he/she was hiding underneath my fat gut! He said that baby will cause me problems (jokingly). I think he/she just likes to be snuggled up to my warm fat! So I am not scheduled to see him again till week 15. I felt it was kind of long but he did explain to me that IVF women are spoiled by their RE's since we get so much monitoring. We expect that with the OB and it just doesn't happen like that. If you are being closely monitored by the OB then either you are high risk or something is wrong.

So yesterday, the spotting picked up. Just all of a sudden in the morning and continued most of the day. TMI ALERT!!!! It was still brown but just heavier than normal. Also I passed like 3 pea size clots. SCARY! But as of this morning, there is little to no spotting. If it does not pick up I will not call the doctor. I was told if it is heavy and bright red I should be concerned. As explained to me by my RE is that the blood clot has to rid itself and it was successfully doing that. Well as it rids itself it will drain out of me hence the spotting and the small clots. Even though this was explained to me, I still don't feel comfortable spotting all the time, especially like yesterday's episode. I just keep praying that the babies are ok. My theory is the babies are taking more space and pushing the clot out. Yea babies for telling that clot where to go!

Please keep me and my family in your prayers.