December 7, 2010

Long overdue update

I know...its been awhile. I have been incognito recently. But I promise it is with just cause. My hubby recently took a new job and we have relocated. So the past few months have been busy with packing, moving and unpacking.

Taylor and Bryon are doing good. They have adjusted to their new house and I believe they are loving it. We moved into a new time zone and the babies quickly adjusted to the time change as well.

Bryon is pulling up to a standing position, cruising on the couch and stealing toys from his sister. He also knows how to sign milk and more. Taylor is just learning to pull to a standing position. She crawls all over the place and shows her anger when Bryon takes her toys!

In this picture they actually are playing peacefully! Bryon hates to wear socks too. That is why he only has one sock on!

Tay likes to climb into the bouncy seat. She knew she was busted so that explains the big grin.

This is Bryon just being cute!

So we are getting ready for Christmas. We have a tree up. We will travel back home for Christmas to see our family. Then after Christmas we will be celebrating their birthdays!!! Where does time go?